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Departmentof Geodesy and Geodetic Astronomy

  • The Department conducts research on: geodynamic processes, GNSS positioning, reference systems, Earth's rotational motion, ground and satellite gravimetry, tidal crust, metrology, geodetic observations methodology, as well as providing data for and operation of the Land Information System.
  • The Department cooperates with many domestic and foreign scientific institutions, geodetic companies and government administration units, including the Central Office of Measures, the Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences, the Space Research Centre PAS and the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography.
  • Cooperation with Polish institutions mainly concerns the establishment of gravimetric control network, performing GNSS surveying and developing satellite observations, providing training in new technologies, participation in work related to the development of technical standards.
  • The Astro-Geodetic Observatory in Józefosław is an integral part of the research and educational infrastructure of the Chair.

Department of Spatial Planning and Environmental Sciences

  • The Department conducts research on: shaping space in rural areas; reclamation, remediation and revitalisation of degraded urban areas, especially post-industrial ones; modelling, simulation and forecasting of phenomena and processes in spatial management; real estate market research and analysis for spatial planning; sustainable development as an element of development policy at the local, regional and supra-regional level; urbanisation issues in the light of sustainable development strategies; urban planning and spatial planning. Intense research activities pursued by the Department are reflected in conferred academic degrees as well as in distinctions and prizes awarded for its scientific and research work. The research work is followed by numerous scientific publications and articles published in Polish and international reviews.
  • The Department cooperates with many domestic and foreign scientific institutions, geodetic companies and government administration units. The Chair of Spatial Planning and Environmental Sciences is a member of the Association of European Schools of Planning AESOP.

Department of Engineering Geodesy and Measurement Systems

  • The Department conducts research on: modern geodetic measurement technologies, creation of measurement and control systems for displacement monitoring and determining deformation parameters, improving geodetic techniques for precise engineering surveying, improving accuracy analysis methods for specific engineering surveying tasks, developing reliability theory and methods for detecting gross errors in observation systems, developing local information systems, supporting the construction management for buildings with complex geometry and high accuracy requirements, monitoring displacement of high-risk engineering facilities.
  • The Department cooperates with many domestic and foreign institutions, including the Technische Universität Berlin, the Polish Institute of Meteorology and Water Management - National Research Institute, Tauron Ecoserwis Rożnów Hydroelectric Power Plant, Skanska, Warbud and the Warsaw metro. It is also active in the field of conducting scientific expertise in the field of engineering geodesy for high-risk objects.
  • The Department cooperates with many domestic and foreign scientific institutions, geodetic companies and government administration. It is also active in conducting scientific expertise in the field of engineering geodesy for high-risk objects.

Department of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Systems

  • The Department conducts research on: using data from modern airborne and satellite sensors including low-altitude UAV-based, developing methods of digital processing of satellite and aerial images and their application in various fields (including archeology, natural environment protection, spatial planning), research in the field of orthophotomap generation methodology, true-ortho and digital elevation models, methodology for the integration of multi-source and multi-sensor data (airborne and terrestrial scanning, data from optical and microwave sensors, etc.), 3D models development, close-range images, computer vision and machine learning algorithms.
  • The Department cooperates with various institutions, including goverment and administrative units in the field of spatial information systems and industrial partners within scientific projects, and R&D implementations.
  • The Department is also active in preparing scientific and forensic expert reports related to photointerpretation of archival imagery and photogrammetric measurements.

Department of Cartography

  • The Department conducts research on: cartographic modelling methodology, implementation of the smart city idea, exploration of big spatial data resources (advanced data mining), advanced generalization algorithms (use of expert systems, artificial intelligence), cartographic modelling of the buildings’ interiors, cartographic projections, planetary cartography, neocartography (social cartography), use of augmented and virtual reality.
  • The Department cooperates with many geodetic and cartographic institutions, especially with the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography.
  • Employees of the Department of Cartography participate in the workof the committee of the International Cartographic Association.

Department of Cadastre and Land Management

  • The Department conducts research on: real estate cadaster, real estate divisions and consolidations, real estate valuation, land exchange and consolidation in rural areas, geodetic and planning studies related to rural development, geodetic works for agriculture, forestry and melioration.
  • The Department cooperates, among others, with the District Starost Office in Siemiatycze, the Marshal's Office of the Masovian Voivodship – the Department of Digitisation, Geodesy and Cartography in Warsaw, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development as part of the work of the Qualification Committee for Real Estate Valuation, from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, from economy sectors within the framework of National Rural Network (NRN), with Eltel Networks Energetyka S.A. in Olsztyn.
  • The Department staff prepares scientific expert reports, e.g. for the needs of the judiciary (determination of property rights and possession, settlement of ownership disputes, easement rights, real estate valuation).

Astro-Geodetic Observatory in Józefosław

  • Two permanent IGS (International GPS Service for Geodynamics) Stations participating in definition and maintenance of the European Reference Framework EUREF (EPN ACC),
  • Observatory of the National Center for Active Geodetic Surveying ASG-PL,
  • Gravimetric laboratory AGO including e.g. two continuously operating absolute and tidal gravimeters, contributing to international networks and services, e.g. IGRF, IGETS.

The Centre for Scientific Geospatial Analyses and Satellite Computations (CENAGIS)

  • Implementation of geospatial analyses, such as spatial big data with data mining functionality, and satellite computations.
  • Standardisation/calibration and authorising measuring instruments (GNSS receivers, GNSS antennas, precise levelling system, total stations) used for collecting geoinformation and laboratories for testing geoinformation applications and spatial data.