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Diploma thesis card

Diploma thesis card GiK PW (pdf, 314.42 kB)

Editorial requirements for the thesis preparation

Template of the cover page of the diploma thesis

Template of the title page of the diploma thesis

Title_page_diploma_thesis_master (msword, 162.00 kB)

Application for thesis deadline postponing

Students who wish to take the exam should:

1) in the APD system, obtain the Supervisor’s approval for their diploma thesis which was earlier uploaded to the APD system (with verification in the Uniform Anti-Plagiarism System). Should uploading the thesis in the APD system be impossible, e.g., the supervisor is not entered in the system, the topic of the diploma thesis was changed, one should email the Dean’s Office as soon as possible.

2) meet the requirements laid down in the study programme and have settled their obligations towards the University.

3) submit in person at the Dean’s Office (room 128, 127) full documentation for the diploma examination at least two weeks before the planned examination date.

4) accept: correctness of the texts included in the diploma supplement, compliance of personal data in the USOS web system (after receiving an email at the email address in the PW domain).

List of documents required to be submitted to the Faculty Students Office in order to be admitted to defend the diploma thesis

1) Application for setting the date of defense of the diploma thesis

Application for defence date (pdf, 323.08 kB)

If the student is a person stricked out from the list of students, following documents should be also attached:

2) Application for resumption of studies to defend the diploma thesis

3) Confirmation of the fee for consultations before the diploma paid to the student's individual account.

List of examination issues for the defense in Mobile Mapping and Navigation Systems in a field of geodesy and cartography